how to eat a Raw food diet

he benefits of the raw food diet or this number one that we going to be guaranteed of eating a diet that's 
not processed at all that means it doesn't have any added chemicals you know nothing's been done to it to alter

          The nutrient content the second reason 
why raw food diet would be good is because your body actually doesn't absorb as many calories from raw foods as it does from cooked food so if you're trying to lose weight a raw foods diet is a great way to do that raw foods are rich in fiber and they generally maintain the full volume of fiber you know     

                                     when you cook foods it kind of 
cooks it down it's smaller portions when you eat for example a whole cup of raw carrots is the same as 1/2 a cup of the cooked you're getting much more volume from raw foods and you there are live enzymes and raw foods that are often destroyed by cooking there are vitamins that are destroyed by cooking like vitamin C and the B vitamins so those are all the good reasons for starting a braw food diet most people find that they just start out with fruit you know of any kind that's raw fruit and salad type items this kinds of things you would add to salad would be the first first way that you would start a raw food diet you know and you know it.

                                                                                                                          The one problem with raw foods is is 
trying to get the protein in because a lot of your protein sources are going to be you know seeds and nuts now nuts of course can be eaten raw but nuts tend to be very high in fat you know then you've got your your dry beans and peas but you have to soak them for a long time to get them to the point where you can consume them so probably the biggest challenge with raw foods diets is really getting enough protein and the same goes with the grains you know if you have let's say rice it's hard to eat that rice you know in an uncooked form and so again it has to be soaked over at night you know for long periods of time you know to it to where it's at a point where you can actually consume it                                                 THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG