how to weight loss


Hi ! I'm going to 
be doing on weight loss and helping
people to lose weight but it's one of 
those things that once you understand what you need to do then it's not about counting calories and it's not even something that I recommend I recommend even counting calories not in caloriesin and calories out problem it really has to do way more than that it's a complex problem a lot of the times we're doing things that we think that are good because we've been told that they're good by well-intended people sometimes very well-educated people will tell you the wrong thing just because they think that they're right and and then it just gets passed along so a lot of the things that we're hearing are really just not accurate and they're not working so when we're talking about who we need to change what we think about what who is and sometimes we see things that they look like food they smell like they taste like food they're really not food high dose of sugar and msg and a lot of sodium and a lot of fats and a lot of things that end up costing is just down the road but it tastes good and when things stays good your brain kind of likes it and you want more of it and there are certain things that open up some active centers that we have and we have to be very very conscious off okay so if we talked about food when we talked about real food that's what we need to be focusing on there are things that grow on earth they hang from a tree in a real food you know mushrooms and sardines and eggs and nuts and they don't affect this for the most part actually they help us regain our health quite a bit the problem is when we take that and then we process it and we take all this stuff and we just make any disco noxious and we no SS you know pastries and baked goods by understanding that that's not food that makes a huge difference not for example if I look good I have a table here and right here I'm going to have you know a box of you know t-shirt paper and some pens a box of doughnuts and there's some cookies and there's some other stuff right I look at all those things and I mean they're not food I don't crave the pen or a teacher paper box because it's not the what I mean I guess that I could swallow it and it'll go through still is not food and once you change that mindset then he sees here because then you say you know the human body is the greatest of all the things in creation I mean that's the maximum that's the maximum achievement right and you were given one are you taking care of it are you respecting it and that's something that when you start looking at that means you start being more selective about what you allow to enter .                                                             

your body as a default humans we should
we should live at least in my opinion and based on 
what I've seen ninety a hundred and Beyond with no major illnesses chronic illnesses no medications feeling what a minute energetic and have a good memory and not having pain okay that's the default and our body's always trying to go to that there's things in the way that always interfere with that and there are some things that we know that we can do so we can actually go that route so in the next videos I'm going to be talking about some other specific details some specific foods some tricks what you know a very important things to avoid you know we're going to we're going to share together and learn together and you're going to be successful as you go through this process thank you and it's a pleasure